November 2nd, 2004



Wow, it's been far too long since I posted in this journal. That will be remedied soon, I hope; my new resolution is to have Internet at the apartment within the next two weeks. So there.

I voted this morning--there is never parking near my place, and the polls are just two blocks away. Better to walk in the morning light than try and find a parking space or walk in the dark after work. :-P There was a looong line, which I hadn't quite expected. Consequently, I was late to work. Not that I care, considering what a good excuse my civic duty is.

But I will not be watching the results all evening. How boring, when there are things like reruns of CSI that I have not seen? And a book I have yet to finish, and a screenplay plot that needs some work?

Anybody know the cheapest decent graphics program on the market? I cannot afford something like Photoshop right now, but am dying to try my hand at making icons....