November 13th, 2004


A fun meme (aka an excuse to dream up fic ideas I'll never write)

Gakked from jerie, though it seems to be going the rounds:

Tell us about a story in each of your main fandoms that you think someone else should write (and why).

CSI: I'm fairly new to this fandom. I am fascinated by the Grissom/Sara relationship; they're attracted to each other, but won't act on it, because it might destroy them. And Sara's attraction is more than half hero-worship. She wants to BE Grissom, I think. What I would love to see is a long fic set several years in the future--far enough that it would be plausible that Grissom has effectively retired, and that Sara is pretty high in the ranks among the Las Vegas CSIs. Some tough case comes up, and Sara calls on Grissom's expertise to help her crack it, and during the course of this they finally have to confront the reasons they spent years dancing around each other...Grissom scared to let anyone in, and Sara realizing that by following in his footsteps, she has become as withdrawn as Grissom ever was.

The Sentinel/CSI: I don't know why these shows haven't been crossed over very often...Jim's Sentinel abilities would enable him to pick up things that the CSIs can only tell in the lab, and if Grissom overheard him doing this, wouldn't he get terribly curious? :-)

Another crossover--kind of specialty--Quantum Leap/The Dead Zone (the novel, not the film or TV show): Any story where Sam leaps into Johnny Smith's life. Honestly, these guys are two of a kind, blessed/cursed with something beyond their control. Would love to see them working together. Bonus points for any of the following: Johnny can see Sam after touching him, Sam has leaped into a woman, or Sam's Leap has a bearing on Johnny's slow arc towards the conclusion that he's going to have to commit murder (ie, it fits neatly into the book's plot).

Okay, I'll do some kind of real entry next time. Hee.