December 29th, 2004


You know a crossover is meant to be when... watch a before-unseen episode from one of the shows and are handed, as if on a silver platter, a line for one of the characters to say in your story, and it's a permutation of a line said character already delivers in what you thought was the best and most original exchange in the story so far. *squees happily*

I'm referring to a looong project, a Firefly/The Sentinel crossover story that I started with fear and trembling, as I have trouble writing Joss shows. But it's flowing, there are a lot of links I never really suspected, and this beautiful moment instantly and powerfully confirmed by one moment in "Serenity" just made my evening. Whee! (oh...not this particular evening, which was spent watching cast commentary on the second half of RotK EE...but the first night I had the Firefly DVDs.)

Anyway...I have the day off tomorrow. Much will get done. Riiiiight....