January 21st, 2005


You know it's been a busy day when...

...my workday still has two hours left in it (well, one and half now), and already I feel like it's over. Not like it should be over, but as if it is--the whole tension-release, aaahhhh, I-want-to-flop-on-the-floor-and-watch-Stargate feeling.

I think this is because, normally, my job is fairly boring (=stress-free) and I like it that way. Dealing with paperwork is easier than dealing with people, and this way I don't become antisocial outside of work.

So when I walked in today and was cornered instantly by my supervisor, with a request from our boss upstairs to go through all the publicity files, pull them out into carts, and file everything that wasn't already filed (something about it being tax time)... I kind of freaked out. Quietly, inside my head. Because said boss wanted this done by "mid-day". *has heart attack* IMPOSSIBLE, I told my super, and was given a newbie worker to boss around as necessary.

This did work out okay, and we finished the project (more or less; I still have to shift a few folders because the carts are way too full) about a half-hour ago.

But this was not my normal workday.

Cannot wait to get home and sprawl. Maybe work on short SG-1 fic.