March 15th, 2005


Quote of the Day

Tenacity is a pretty fair substitute for bravery, and the best form of tenacity I know is expressed in a Danish fur trapper's principle, 'The next mile is the only one a person really has to make'.
- Eric Sevareid, 1912 - 1992

I learned that particular lesson long ago, from two brave hobbits on a long trek into darkness.

Look! Go! Write!

I just signed up (it's okay, Kim, the story won't be too long, I'll still work on my Real Stories) for kerravonsen's Multi-Fandom Lyric Wheel. Essentially, it's a ficathon where you sign up to write a story, and request fics based on the lyrics of two different songs (any kind) that you provide. You'll recieve a random song from the requests, and may write a fic in any of your fandoms based on those lyrics.

Doesn't it sounds like fun?

Come play along!

[Oh, and for all my genfic friends: this is a no-slash ficathon, so....]