August 13th, 2005


2-Variable Intuition Meme

This is just what it sounds like; my interest in memes like this is in the fact that I've always thought of myself as MORE emotional than intellectual, but these tests keep turning out a more moderate response, weighted towards intellect instead.


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Hum. My fandom interests seem to have broadened just slightly.

No, I am not suddenly into slash or other squicky things.

But my fandom experience is always evolving. I started out with Star Trek and Babylon 5, both sci-fi ensemble shows. Then about the time I left for university, I noticed that it had switched to buddy shows: Quantum Leap, The Invisible Man, The Sentinel, The X-Files. And it has stayed there for the most part, with a few forays back into ensemble sci-fi (Stargate SG-1, Firefly), ensemble fantasy (Buffy, LOST), and ensemble procedurals (CSI).

I've just noted a new trend, as of this summer, though I think it's been developing over a period of time. Possibly the last two years, since my move to LA. Why do I think this? Because that's when I left my immediate family in another state.

And my new fandom interest is in the area of family relationships/dynamics.

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So yeah, I guess I miss my family. But at least I have some good shows to remind me of what I'm missing, and why I miss it.