September 25th, 2005

angsty Daniel

12 Characters Meme, the gen version

My undying gratitude to whoever created this version; the smutty one was highly disturbing. This is just good, fanficcy-potential fun. :-)

The 12 character meme, this time for gen fic.

The list of 12:

1. Claire [LOST]
2. Jack O’Neill [Stargate SG-1]
3. Jadzia Dax [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine]
4. Fox Mulder [X-Files]
5. River Tam [Firefly]
6. Bobby Hobbes [The Invisible Man]
7. Adrian Monk [Monk]
8. Sara Sidle [CSI]
9. Blair Sandburg [The Sentinel]
10. Dot Matrix [ReBoot]
11. Al Calavicci [Quantum Leap]
12. Charlie Eppes [Numb3rs]

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