November 8th, 2005

are you ready to be strong?

NaNo update

Well, in spite of coming home from work completely worn out, I managed to write for a solid hour and a half, and get nearly 1500 words out.

Current total is 5118.

I will catch up. I will. It's just not easy writing without editing! It's really not! ARGH!

But I wrote a few good moments, and the plot is moving solidly along. So yay!

Also, I have an exerpt (the prologue, actually) up at my NaNoWriMo Profile, if any of you care to take a look. It's actually been edited a bit, unlike the rest, and I do change perspective and person further in, but I thought it might be fun to put out there.
Charlie OTP


After a depressing (yay for the once-a-month depths of despair, urgh) and tiring day, I had a few pleasant surprises.

I'm sure there were actually more, but at the moment I'll just list five:

1. New, insightful review on my HP fic Night's Candles, which has been up at the SugarQuill for nearly a year.

2. Numb3rs icons as an early Christmas gift from rose_in_shadow, one of which I'm using in this post.

3. Completely unexpected call from my friend V. 2 time zones away, solely to squee because she just finished reading Goblet of Fire for the first time. Yeah!

4. Got home from work and spent an hour and a half finishing Diane Duane's new book, Wizards at War. Excellent (though maybe not as good as books 2 and 3, though I'm biased in some ways), and exactly, exactly what I needed. "Eldest, Fairest, and Fallen--greetings, and defiance!"

5. It was cloudy and overcast all day. Most people would assume that added to my depression, but I like it when we get this weather, after days of endlessly beating-down sunshine. It's cold tonight; I'm so tempted to put on Christmas music. :-)

Thank you, Lord, for all the small things that make life worth living. Thank you for the gifts that we almost miss--the sparks of light in the darkness.