January 24th, 2006

lost in thought

Late-night pensiveness

Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote:

"I believe in an ultimate decency of things."

There are so many times that I wish I did. That I could believe, and not only believe, but see, that the world and people are truly decent at the core, down at the very bottom.

But so often what I see is the exact opposite. Take men or women down to the bottom, and while there may be some heroes, many people distill to fear or selfishness or hatred.

And then I realize that I wouldn't want to believe in something as mundane as an "ultimate decency," when I can and do believe that what is at the core of existence, beyond what we normally see, is something far greater: a creativity and a love, a beauty and a burning, embracing joy. Something that can envelop even the worst dregs of our humanity and recreate us in that Image.

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