March 3rd, 2006

mini-jack kid

Multi-Fandom Party

...aka my little fannish thought experiment.

Imagine, if you will, a potentially endless party, its only goal being to take one episode from each attender's chosen fandom and WATCH THEM ALL.

A sort of fannish retrospective with some current stuff thrown in.

I'm inviting you all to come! Choose one of your fandoms (obscure or not, doesn't matter), and bring your favorite or in your opinion the best episode from that fandom with you.

In other words, comment; I shall compile a list.

The one and only rule: if your first choice of fandom has already been taken, pick another. The key here is to be as multi-fandom as possible.

I'll start us off by returning to my early days of fandom:

Babylon 5: "Comes the Inquisitor"

ETA: And here come the guests, bearing gifts!

whitemartyr is bringing Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Passions"

whitemartyr’s alter ego is bringing The X-Files: "Pusher"

jd3000 is bringing Mystery Science Theatre 3000: "The Final Sacrifice"

vertigozooropa is bringing Farscape: "Scratch ‘N Sniff"

lizamanynames is bringing Blake’s 7: "Gambit"

rj_anderson is bringing House, M.D.: "Three Stories"

scionofgrace is bringing Firefly: "Out of Gas"

lapinguina is bringing Numb3rs: "Convergence"

kerravonsen is bringing Sapphire & Steel: "The Railway Station"

scorptilicus is bringing Futurama: "Where No Fan Has Gone Before"

tomh1138 is bringing Quantum Leap: "M.I.A."

And the party continues....