March 13th, 2006

Artsy creating

Writerly update! (and GIP)

Check out the icon: it was made for me by jd3000. Isn't it pretty? *admires*

Here's an update on current writing projects:

--I've actually started my original screenplay. Finally. 4 pages may not sound like much, but when it's in a format I'm still not remotely used to, it's a lot. :-)

--The companion fic to "Statistical Ghosts" is in revision stage. Oh mistraltoes, might there be a chance of getting a beta later this week?

--I've been working off and on with V. on a long angst-ridden Numb3rs fic. Who knows if it'll ever get done? We're having fun with it nonetheless.

--I got my chapter of Never Fade Away posted, yay.

--I still need to do more work on some of these goals, and I still owe lon_dubh an Iman ficlet. Soon! No, really! :-P

In other unrelated (probably) news, my back aches and I think I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my left calf. Don't have a clue how. Oh well!