June 13th, 2006

angsty Daniel

Life is just too short

Warning: this is going to be me (hopefully not at length) asking possibly rhetorical questions about life and purpose and excellence.

Unless you're interested in such topics, pay no heed. :-)

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I’ll stop with the depressive stuff now. Heh. I think I have a new fandom; Dr. Who people, watch this space!
Artsy creating

I've finished watching New Dr. Who....

Just saw "Parting of the Ways" on Sunday night. Having spoiled myself for several plot points somehow didn't make it any less impactful.

However, I think I'm in mourning. I thought I'd be okay with Collapse ) but apparently I'm not.

Recommendations of really good fic or Dr. Who novels featuring Nine would be extremely welcome.

As would any thoughts from old school fans as to what I should go back and watch over the time until they air the next season here in the States, and where I might get my hands on such.

Oh! I wanted to ask this question, too, in reference to historical Dr. Who (rj_anderson, this is specifically directed at you, actually):Collapse )