July 9th, 2006

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Mini-update with writing goals

So, my "real" post. Heh.

Okay. I'm slowly recovering from a lovely vacation in the Eastern Time Zone, visiting whitemartyr, and also V.-who-has-no-LJ. *blows kisses to both* There was much fun had, not least of which was me getting to see fireflies for the very first time! They're so beautiful and random, glowing construction-light yellow, and so mellow; catch one, and it'll just crawl around on your hand, flashing on and off.

I came back to work, where supposedly I was to get my new job description. I haven't yet, and I can see it's going to take me actually going into the Upstairs Boss's office and asking her about it point-blank. *sigh* I hate doing stuff like that.

And $$ is going to be very tight for the next few weeks. And I still have to pay my friend my share of the room for the SD ComiCon! Ack!

A pay raise would be lovely right about now. :-)

I also came back to the 6-month meeting of my writer's group, which has caused me to think about my original writing goals again, and also my ficcish writing goals.

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*sigh* Okay. That's a lot. I'd best go have lunch and get on with it. :-D

Oh! Oh! I have the Ninth Doctor DVDs! Amanda and I bought them on sale. We are thrilled. We have plans to watch them very soon. *bounces giddily*

One more very minor fannish thing for SG-1 people: I had no idea Sam Carter was fond of Singing in the Rain when I gave that to her as a movie choice in that crazy character questions meme. That's...I'm astonished I guessed so well. Floored, really.

Okay, all, as you were.