September 2nd, 2006

Eppes brothers!

Pimping a Brand New Community (Numb3rs)

feliciakw and I have noticed that while there are quite a few Numb3rs-related communities on LiveJournal, most of them are wide open to all varieties of fan. That's not a bad thing, in and of itself, but our interest lies mostly in discussion of (and fic-writing-about) the show's actual canon. And we'd prefer not to run into incest fic or randomly canon-refuted assumptions more than we have to.

So we've created a community specifically for discussion of Numb3rs canon:


I'd advise going to the community's profile, first, to see what we're all about. The community is members-only, but the membership is open; if you want to join, just go ahead and join! The more the merrier--and we're starting this now in hopes that people can find the community in the 3 short weeks till the start of the 3rd season.

Hope to see you there!