September 25th, 2006

L.A. icongold


I went to a Dodgers' baseball game (at Dodger Stadium, of course) yesterday. I'm not hugely into any sport, but it was fun--especially when the Dodgers hit a Grand Slam at the very bottom of the ninth inning for a win. I think I went slightly deaf at that point.

And I got very sunburned. Ow.

Also, Upstairs Boss emailed me several other long-time (over 2 years) Accounting employees late on Friday, saying she'll be doing our evaluations this week. Goodness, that took long enough. I'm slightly nervous. This is my first-ever formal evaluation, and I also know that whether I start looking for other employment at least partly depends on what I hear ($$, in particular) during this meeting. Prayers and good wishes would be most welcome.
Don smile

Work update!

The eval is over, it went just fine (I'm a slightly-better-than-avarage but not highly motivated worker, hee).


Praise the Lord! Effective this week!

*dances like crazy*