October 8th, 2006


The Science of Sleep

On the advice of whitemartyr, I went to see this film last night. Written and directed by the gifted Michel Gondry, it almost defies description. A mix of wonder and confusion, full of what one might call magical realism--except that's not what's going on at all--all the special effects are practical rather than computer-generated, for a rough, living feel. The mix of languages (French, Spanish, and English all come into it at some point, speakers often switching mid-sentence) adds another layer of wonder, and maybe surrealisim. The two leads, Gaia Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg, carry the burden of all this into our hearts as well as our heads.

But the point of the film, and why all this succeeds, is because Gondry has managed to paint a moving portrait of the creative mind.

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I would highly recommend this film for anyone who is interested in any of the arts (it is rated R for language and some adult situations).