October 13th, 2006


CSI review, minutes after seeing new ep

I am most pleased with this show so far this year. It almost feels like we're back in first season, in a good way--and other fans will know what I mean by that, I hope.

Also: *hugs Greg Sanders forever and ever*

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ETA: People over at the CSI blog on TV Guide.com seem to agree with me on the "old skool" vibe of this episode.
greg does magic

GIP, and notes on the joy of writing crossovers

So, I went looking for Greg Sanders icons today. nentari had a whole selection, and I snagged this one along with a couple more, because it looked cool. Then I registered properly what it said, and had to laugh.

This is my new Official CSI/HP Crossover Icon.

And now for some musings on writing and the fusion of universes.

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