October 23rd, 2006

dream red

The Doctor and Dream: a short comparison

This is what I get for re-reading the Sandman series of graphic novels while this particular season of Doctor Who is airing. I discovered some similarities between the characters of the Doctor and Dream last week, but after watching "Girl in the Fireplace," the parallels are much stronger, so I'm posting them for you all to ponder.

(Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for the end of the Sandman series. If you're planning on reading it and have not yet done so, skip this post, please.)

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I don't really have a conclusion here--but any thoughts or discussion from the flist or further would be welcome!

Silly work-newsy post

We have a new little refridgerator in our break room. The old one died last week and has been pushed into a corner, bearing a hazard-yellow sign that reads: Out of Order.

The new fridge is black, with a chrome front. It is shiny and clean and frost-free, and the door has a lovely tight seal.


That is all. :-)