November 28th, 2006

are you ready to be strong?

Unpopular Opinions Meme

Okay. I have some unpopular fannish opinions--though the idea of letting you all ask me about them, I snagged from lizbee (she says we can blame her).

The Unpopular Opinions Meme
01. Post this on your journal.
02. Your friends will comment with some of your fandoms.
03. In a new post (or in comments) respond back with one or two of your unpopular opinions for that fandom. (EX: I love Lana! I don’t care about previous seasons of Doctor Who!)
04. Tag some friends.

Not tagging. And y'all should know my fandoms (mostly) by now. I'll do book fandoms, too. :-)

[And I'm working on answers to the 15 characters meme, they're just not ready to post yet.]
Ninth Doctor, come with me!

Interesting, fannish-but-really-not dream

Okay. I think this dream birthed itself out of a few things: I've been re-watching some Ninth Doctor episodes and thinking about the Doctor a lot the past several days, I stayed up till 1:30am last night re-reading The Dead Zone, and I've also been thinking a lot about positive change in people's lives (I know some people where it's a bona fide miracle that they've come as far as they have--there is literally no other explanation).

And this was my dream:

Collapse )

Anyway. I'm rather pleased to have had the Ninth Doctor visit my dreams. :-)