December 13th, 2006


Optical illusions (sort of) and a fic rec

So, yesterday, I left work at dusk (eye appointment to get to). There was a bit of wind picking up, but I didn't really notice, since I was focused on driving and listening to my Christmas music, and hoping there wouldn't be traffic so I could actually get to my appointment on time.

I'm driving behind a couple of cars, nearing my intersection to turn, when something flies up at my windshield. A lot of somethings. I don't know where my brain was at, because I not only flinched, I threw my right arm up in front of my face. The things clattered against the glass, but only lightly--a bunch of windblown beech leaves. I have no idea if they caught a bit of light, or what, because I remember thinking just before they hit that something must be on fire, that those were cinder or coals coming at my car.

It's a good thing my body is trained to stay in my lane, because I almost swerved. Stupid brain with its fight-or-flight response.

(Maybe I shouldn't be reading Supernatural fic...think that might have contributed? *g*)

I had much fun trying to drive home after my eye appointment, too; I had my eyes dilated, and let me tell you, driving through a city after dark is weird. Bright halos around every single light source (streetlight, headlights, taillights, storefronts), obscuring details. Also, I'm a little surprised that no one at the Christmas party I went to later last night asked me if I was on drugs--because boy, my eyes sure looked like it.

Okay, for anyone who likes a bit of horror and banter, and is (like me) vaguely acquainted with Supernatural, go read Crossing the Line, by b stearns. Lovely writing, a decent ghost story, and some excellent action/adventure. Plus brotherly angst.
Eppes brothers!

Twelve Days of LiveJournal Christmas (meme)

Totally stolen from kalquessa. :-)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, izhilzha sent to me...
Twelve yahtzee63s drumming
Eleven hedda62s piping
Ten lizbees a-leaping
Nine alias dancing
Eight screenplays a-milking
Seven tardis a-writing
Six icons a-homeschooling
Five cha-a-a-arlie eppes
Four star wars
Three book lists
Two dorothy sayers
...and a shakespeare in a serenity.
Get your own Twelve Days:

(also: what the heck is up with the new and strange "update journal" page?)
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