December 14th, 2006

jack traveler

Vacation notice

Okay, so, tomorrow I get on a plane and fly off to the O'Hare airport in Chicago. I won't be back till Tuesday night, and may not have any chance at all to get online during that time, so expect no comments or emails. Feel free to *send* me emails and stuff, though. I'll get them all when I get home Tuesday night or the next day. :-)

When I get back, I will hopefully have a picture of me in my pretty new dress to share with you all, since several of you offered excellent advice in the choosing of said dress.

I may also have Christmas presents to squee over, because, you know, family = celebration and I think we are actually exchanging gifts there, so....

(I will stop reading Supernatual fanfic now, because it's making my inner voice sound like Dean. And that's kind of disturbing, actually.)

Before I take off, though, here are two links to a blog that I found through kalquessa. This gal is very intelligent, and I was intrigued to see her take on Serenity, and on the character of Malcolm Reynolds. Enjoy:

Well, Maybe You Can Take That Part of the Sky

Oh Captain, My Captain: Mal Reynolds, Anti-Anti-Hero