December 21st, 2006


I'm back. *waves*

Hey, everyone! I have flown to Chicago and back, and I neither froze nor crashed (not that I worry about that, mostly, though we had some lovely turbulence coming out of Dallas), and I attended an amazingly awesome wedding and played with my family all weekend.

I was going to write more, and tell all about the fun I had, and about how my siblings are growing up, but I'm really tired right now--and this despite the sleeping in and the extra day off to do things like grocery shop and do laundry.

So I'm going to leave this as is and go snuggle under the fleecey blanket feliciakw sent me for Christmas (yay!), and I'll try to make a proper post tomorrow. (Including how awesome "Set Piece," "His Majesty's Dragon," and "The Hallowed Hunt" are.)
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Proper update + 3 mini book reviews

First off, I did not have time to update you all on the drama that surrounded the payment of my December rent. Collapse )

I'm not going to talk forever about my vacation, because I could, but I imagine it would be rather boring for the rest of you. :-) I may make a post later about my cousin and her fiance, and the Anglican church they were married in, and the fact that the ceremony was the complete Anglican thing, with the Eucharist and all, and deeply awesome.

Also, I don't have pictures of me in my awesome dress yet, so that will have to be another post.

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And onto the book reviews. Hooray for long plane flights! (Oh. There will likely be some spoilers.)

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Whew. That's it for now. :-)