December 22nd, 2006

greg does magic

Crossovers--not just for fandom?

I know there have been crossovers on TV, and in various book series; I'm not talking about that here.

Rather, this is about spec TV scripts. One of the writers from Buffy, Jane Espenson, keeps a lovely blog about her writingJane In Progress, where she offers advice to new and wanna-be TV writers.

A couple of weeks ago, she made a post that startled me. I love writing specs, because they're basically professionally useful fan fiction in script format, but I was unaware that some of the more arcane fic-writing and fic-idea techniques might apply. According to Jane, they very well could.

"I recently heard an interesting idea for novel way to approach writing a spec script. It's challenging, fun, attention-getting and probably a really bad idea.

The idea is to do a crossover episode as your spec. You know what I mean -- Dr. House is brought in to help the young doctors of Grey's Anatomy with a tricky diagnosis! Or Ugly Betty's magazine hires the lawyers from Boston Legal!"

Go and read. Crossovers as dangerous but possibly useful professional spec tool. Now I've heard everything. :-)