December 26th, 2006

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Sandman/Doctor Who fic rec

I just found a lovely crossover missing scene from "Doomsday," written by the talented honorh (whose work I know from the Buffy fandom, mostly). It's a neat, precise, and almost inevitable-feeling couple of scenes, and as someone who already senses similarities between Morpheus and the Tenth Doctor, I enjoyed it immensely.

It does contain minor spoilers for the end of the Sandman series, and major spoilers for "Doomsday."

Lord of Time, King of Dreams
Rating: General
Warnings: Angst
Summary: To get his message to Rose, the Doctor calls in an old, old favor from the one being who can help.

Christmas and thank-yous

I had a lovely Christmas. Not overwhelmingly spectacular, but that really wasn't what I would have wanted, either, I don't think. :-)

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Lovely things I got for Christmas include:
--a Borders gift card (I have a copy of an out-of-print book, The Jewel Heart, being called in for me, yay!)
--The Hallowed Hunt, by Lois McMaster Bujold, from my brother whom I just introduced to her work
--some clothes and a silk scarf from my parents (plus the entire Chicago trip, paid!)
--also from the parents, a phone with a portable handset. I no longer have to sit at my desk to talk on the phone! :-)
--Doctor Zhivago, the book not the film, from a friend
--Doctor Who: Set Piece, by Kate Orman, from the author herself (thank you so much!)
--a warm fuzzy blanket from feliciakw, along with some music
--A hardcover copy of a new and awesome-looking translation of the Aeneid. Mmmm!
--Life After God, by Douglas Copeland; and Hot Zone, the book on which the film Outbreak was based, from friends
--from another friend, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, which I have been planning to read and very curious about.
--His Majesty's Dragon and Throne of Jade, both from a friend in my hometown
--lovely cards from scionofgrace and maevebran! I was so excited to get them, thank you!

This shall be quite the year for reading, I see! :-)

I hope you all had splendid Christmases, as well.
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Doctor Who: "Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday"...being some random thoughts

Aw. Well...okay. Despite the anvils thrown at our heads all season about the Doctor and his eternal lonliness (which got really annoying for me in "Fear Her"), RTD gets a pass, because Collapse )

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This isn't exactly a dislike...but we even had a cliffhanger ending, of a sort. Hmph. And being a USA person, I can't watch "The Runaway Bride" yet. *pouts* I can't even torrent it because of my pokey internet connection (not that I'd even know where to go...).