December 29th, 2006

God?, are you there

Fanfiction containing faith

This is a request, actually; I was looking through old documents on a disk I found while cleaning my room for the holidays, and discovered a list of fics that in some way dealt with faith in God. I think I had, once upon a time, planned to create a webpage that gathered such fics (or links to them) in one place, regardless of fandom.

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My request to you all is to rec in the comments other fics that you think might fit into this catagory. Doesn't have to be faith in the Christian God, per se; I'll take other stuff as well, including fictional religions such as the Prophets of Bajor (Kira's journey of faith has always moved me). But I would be interested to see what kind of list we can scrape up, and what fandoms might be most represented. (I almost included one of vilakins's Blake's 7 fics in this list; and there are others I left out as well, including a few from the Supernatural fandom.)