January 4th, 2007


CSI (and a couple of other fannish notes)

Tonight is a new episode of CSI.

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Also tonight: if you've ever watched and enjoyed the comedy series Scrubs, make sure you watch/tape/TiVo it tonight. It is the night of the musical episode! :-D
ETA: Argh. Next time I will not trust the stoopid previews, and will instead check TVguide.com. The musical episode airs January 18.

Random comment regarding fanfiction.net: I love that they show you the hits your stories get, now. However, I am not cool with the fact that it can take up to a day for the content of a review to show up on a story. I've got 2 reviews on "A Little Diversion," and can only read one right now! Hmph. ETA: so I'm not getting notification emails for the 3 recent stories I've put up, but I do get notified when someone leaves a review for "Flying Lessons"? Whatev, ff.net.