January 10th, 2007

who moi?

CSI, and different levels of fandom

I never used to seek out spoilers...heck, way back when, I didn't know it was possible to find out anything about an upcoming episode of my favorite show, other than what I saw in the televised preview.

Gradually, though, I've gotten used to a higher level of pre-airing information. I loaded up on spoilers last spring, for May sweeps, and will probably not do that again--it takes some of the fun out! But there are a couple of shows which I keep moderate tabs on, one of them being CSI.

I visit only one site: CSI Files. And I do not hang out in the spoiler threads, or (normally) on the forums. I go there to keep track of news about the shows. They're good at collecting links to interviews with actors, with producers; good at archiving reviews of episodes; good at bringing up real news and trying to squelch the rowdier rumors about things like Grissom's eventual departure (when they have evidence to do so).

They *do* post some plot spoilers for future episodes, and I often read them (I just spoiled myself for most speculation about what was in the box that arrived in Grissom's office, for instance). Combined with the news reporting on what the actors are doing outside of the show, I apparently have a much better grasp of what's going on than a lot of the fandom.

Today, I wandered over to a site called Who is Keppler?, which includes video clips from the next new CSI episode, "Sweet Jane," and introduces a new character who will be around while Grissom is on his four-episode sabbatical. Now, aside from the fact that one of the clips has me mildly freaking out over this episode, I was reading user comments. A majority of the fans commenting either didn't realize that Grissom is only going to be gone briefly, or they weren't sure what was happening anyway.

I realized that I knew more than most of them, and it was a strange feeling. I'm not *that* obsessed...I just like to keep up. Huh.