January 11th, 2007


Complimentary television crossover (unintentional!)

Oh dear.

After watching the new episode of House MD, "Words and Deeds," I was trying to figure out where I'd recently seen or heard about broken-heart syndrome before.

Then, TVguide.com helped me remember.

Last week's episode of Scrubs.

This coincidence goes from mildly amusing (medical comedy and medical drama, on different networks, both use same ailment in episodes aired less than a week apart) to astonishing, when you consider the other coincidences involved:

In said episode, Dr. Cox (who is TV's other misathropic doc) rants eloquently against weird medical mysteries and the TV doctors who solve them, specifically referencing House. This being Scrubs, of course, by the end of the episode there have been 3 medical mysteries, and Cox has managed to temporarily hurt his leg in a fall, resulting in a climactic scene where a cane-thumping Cox solves mystery #3 in a flash of brilliance.

I find the mirroring of coincidences quite odd.
angsty Daniel

Ficlet offer/request: deathfics


I have a feeling that NO ONE is going to take me up on this, but I am bored out of my skull right now, so I might as well ask. :-)

Give me a character, and a cause-of-death (anything from dagger to poison to illnes to old age to another character), and I will write you a little ficlet. Yes, I am in a slightly odd mood.

No promises made as to the seriousness (or hilarity) of said death. I like to switch things up.

Allowable fandoms include anything on my interests (except LotR). I'll make a stab at others, if you know I've seen some episodes (for instance, Law&Order:CI, or Supernatural).