January 14th, 2007

jack problem

Stupid modem/computer/whatever....

So, my internet is not working at home (I'm currently stealing my roommate's computer for a few minutes). *snarl* I cannot figure out what the issue is: it keeps telling me there's no dial tone, but my phone line is in perfect working condition.

Hope my modem isn't just plain fried. *sigh*

For those who are waiting on their requested deathfics, I am working on them (between running errands, procrastinating--aka watching "Pan's Labyrinth," which you all need to go see NOW--and writing my CSI spec). I just can't post them quite yet because of the computer woes. BTW, thanks, kerravonsen, for sending me all over the Center for Disease Control's website looking for fatal diseases that could be picked up at a crime scene. I learned a lot of stuff I never knew before! :-)