January 26th, 2007

dean & sam

Supernatural fic rec, and GIP

This post is mostly just an excuse to use the pretty new icon of Sam & Dean that I found today. *admires* Created by the talented emesque.

To give this entry a little more weight, here's a lovely, nuanced Supernatural fic I just re-found. You all know me: I love stories, I love words and language, I love characters (I'm tempted to add "I love Dean"). This story has them all.

credo ut intelligam, by girl_wonder

Dean liked that when he said 'I fight' he didn't need to have a pronoun in Latin. He could use one word and that would mean that he was Dean and he was fighting. I fight. pugno.

Go forth and read, even if you're only vaguely familiar with the fandom, and it doesn't matter if you know anything about Latin (though my own Latin studies did endear this fic to me in a particular way).