February 12th, 2007


CSI review (and mini life update)

My weekend felt both long (a friend had to break off her engagement, and hung out at our apartment a lot for emotional support), and way too short (because this turn of events led to me and my roommate having about 1/3 of our normal weekend doing-stuff time). I didn't get any writing done--I looked at what I have of my CSI spec, and I think it's mostly crap, which is making me all scared and writer's-blocky. Bah.

Some of this emotional crap had better be hormonal. Because it's ridiculous.

On to something more pleasant: the wonderful, off-beat, richly emotional episode of CSI which aired Thursday (and I didn't watch till Saturday afternoon; and watched again Saturday night at 1am, because it's just that good).

Collapse )

Next week: the miniature killer strikes again?!


Snagged from kerravonsen:

Haiku2 for izhilzha
in their own soft glow
needs this he said 'i fight'
he didn't like this
Created by Grahame

That's a fic prompt if I ever saw one. Probably because it includes bits of quotes from two different fics. LOL.
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