February 27th, 2007

Eppes brothers!

One week left to nominate in the Numb3rs Awards

So, all you Numb3rs fans on my flist: this is the last week you have to nominate deserving fics and authors from the past year. Come on over! There are a decent number of nominations up already, but surely there was more good fic in our fandom than that!

Graphics, websites, and vids also have categories for nomination, if that's more your thing. Who made the coolest icon this year?

There are a couple of gen categories that look like they're in danger of being dropped altogether, unless more fics are found in them: Crack, Series, and Before&After (pre/post-series).

(I can't end this post without thanking whoever just nominated "Phantom Intelligence" and "Statistical Ghosts." And whoever nominated me in the Best Author category! I feel so appreciated. *g*)