February 28th, 2007


Coincidences are fun! :-)

I don't run into as many--or maybe just not as obvious--coincidences online as I do in my Real Life. When I do, it tickles me.

I was skimming the questions posed in today's WTF Wednesday post on fanthropology. One of the questions was about betaing fic, and the difficulties inherent in the subjective view of characterization in fan fiction.

So I jumped in and shared my own experience, using details from discussions I had with my beta and changes I made during the writing of my TS story "Coming To Terms." I used the fandom and character names, but did not name the story.

A while later I get a reply from a gal asking if that fic was up on ff.net, because she had just read a fic today that had exactly that piece of created Jim backstory in it. And that she was planning to go back when she had time and leave a review, because she really liked the writing and story.

I told her the name...and yes, it was in fact "Coming To Terms" which she had read.

*restrained squee*