March 19th, 2007

Don smile

I haven't posted Vanity Plates in a while.... here are a few from my lovely, ego-obsessed city. :-)

On a dark SUV:


Dude, if you're a spy you're not supposed to advertise it!

On a car with several Marines-related bumper stickers:


Not sure if that's a name, or what, but it caught my eye.

On a pale blue Lexxus:


That's the most awesome word I've ever seen crammed onto a license plate. Seriously.


Oh, I don't need another show to watch. I really don't! I have too many right now as it is.

But I may have to make an exception (even ditch some other show) if further episodes of the new detective drama Raines are as good as the pilot.

I love a good mystery story, and even more a good detective whose point of view I can latch onto as we unravel the tangled webs of crime. Recently, a friend introduced me to the more hard-boiled Los Angeles detective novels, and the novelty of reading such a tale set in the city where I now live caught my imagination.

Raines has all of that going for it. Jeff Goldblum doesn't play just a solid film noir-type protagonist (although he is that), Michael Raines also has a sharply sardonic wit and an imagination so overactive he thinks he's going insane. Because he sees dead people. I love him already. :-)

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Will I be watching next week? Um, yes. Hey, it doesn't conflict with anything already on the TiVo. Why not? :-)
dust in the wind

Ohhh, lovely! (links for fellow SG-1 fans)

Courtesy of maevebran, today I made the LJ acquaintance of a wonderfully geeky fan of Stargate SG-1: sg_fignewton.

Among her other musings, she is posting a series of amazingly detailed (somewhat Daniel-heavy) meta on the theme of Canon vs. Fanon.

Part 1: Daniel and Coffee
Part 2: Oh, Danny-boy
Part 3: The Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 1
Part 4: The Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 2
Part 5: When Canon Isn't Canon
Part 6: The Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 3
Part 7: "No more beer for you."
Part 8: Daniel, Pacifism, and Weapons Skills
Part 9: "It's just a deep, bleeding gash..."
Part 10: Pre-series Daniel

She also recs fic regularly on stargateficrec, and has thus compiled a lengthy master-list of such recs. I'm going to enjoy going through this; most of the recs are gen, "teamy goodness," with some Daniel/Sha're thrown in for good measure.

Master List of SG-1 Fic Recs


Now Playing at the Invisible Man Virtual Seasons!

Our season 4 finale (and first of a multiple-part story):

"Auld Lang Syne"

When Claire returns to England, she finds she's bitten off more than she can chew in her quest to resolve the problems Darien has been having with his health. Seeking out an old . . . acquaintance . . . in search of answers, she finds herself on the wrong side of British law with no backup. A furious Official sends Fawkes and Hobbes to bring her back, and in the process, Darien discovers that the cure for what ails him is exactly what he fears most.

(We haven't had a new episode for a while--RL issues for some of our writers--but this one's a doozey to come back with! Excitement, plotting, MI-5, the return of a certain character, and a trip to London and the English countryside. Not to be missed, you guys.)

In fact, I can pretty much wholeheartedly recommend the two complete seasons we have, with another on the way. Check out the Virtual Seasons here.