March 20th, 2007

dream red

Interesting (kind of odd/cool) dream last night....

I doubt that this dream is particularly meaningful (though if any of you catch unwitting symbolism, I'd be pleased to hear about it in the comments), but I did find it intriguing. Especially since I don't normally have the sense of touch in my dreams at all.

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The rest petered out into weirdness involving the Simpsons and loan sharks (thanks, L&O: CI), but I thought it was worth telling just for the more dramatic part of the dream. :-)
jack traveler

Help me thinky-plot a fic!

So. I have no idea when I'll get around to writing this, but I still have in my head an idea for a fic where Jack O'Neill and Janet Fraiser get stranded off-world. It's supposed to be a bit of a role-reversal fic, so Janet is injured (what a patient she'll make--ha), and Jack has to take care of her as well as figure out how they wound up here instead of the SGC, and how to dial back. There will be h/c and angst and much snark with these two.

But even as I ponder it in spare moments, I'm having trouble figuring out where I want to set it--ie, in what type of conditions, what type of location. And I thought you guys might like to voice your opinions and help me out!

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ETA: So far, just going by the highest ranked answer to each question, it looks like Jack and Janet might get stranded in marshland, in the daytime, and the weather is baking hot. And they might have to contend with lack of water, carnivorous plants, and/or predators. Hee.

Though at the moment, jd3000's "other" comment is teasing my imagination like crazy, and other runners-up include 'Gating into rain or snow, either at the seashore or on an open mountainside, with the possibility of creepy supernatural events or sentient penguins (I'm so keeping those for another fic sometime).

(Also: wow, kalquessa, you really want them to have a bad time...either that, or you couldn't make up your mind! *g*)