April 24th, 2007


I'm 27 now.

And may I just thank you all for the many birthday wishes I received on my friendslist yesterday? I feel very appreciated. :-)

Also, I made out like a bandit yesterday, in quality if not quantity:

--jedibuttercup posted a ficlet in response to a request I made a while back: SG-1/CSI: Collateral Damage. An old friend confronts Jack while he's out recruiting for the program. Go read!
--a very fun card from whitemartyr (I laughed. And I'm going to email you later.)
--a package from my immediate family, including cute notes, long-overdue family photos (yay!), and $95 towards a copy of the scriptwriting software Final Draft, which I desperately need right now. That's close to half the purchase price, which is a great help! :-)
--mistraltoes sent me a disc with the first two episodes of Blake's 7, in a format which I can watch! I've already seen the first ten minutes or so of "The Way Back," and as I suspected, I'm starting to like the show already. And for all that wasn't technically a b-day present, there was an amusing b-day card included. Thank you, Mistral!
--my local friend Dan bought me a Moleskien notebook. Every writer should have one of these, and it even fits in my purse.
--several of my local friends pooled their funds for an amazing and completely unexpected gift: The Absolute Sandman, Vol. 1. I had no idea what it was till I opened it, and I was pretty speechless for a while. Wow. :-)
--and I opened my present from feliciakw, which is a beautiful sterling silver claddagh pendant, made in Ireland. Thank you, my friend! *hugs* I wore it to my little b-day party last night.

I love my friends and family! *hugs and kisses for all*

ETA: D'oh! kalquessa wrote birthday fic for me! Everybody Secretly Wishes They Were A Rock Star. It is SG-1, and somewhat cracktastic, so everybody should go read it right away and leave feedback. :-)

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Peaceful and geeky and fun. Good thing, too, because I'd had little sleep the night before and was kind of wiped out.

Last year was a very good year in many ways. I hope this coming one is even better.