May 1st, 2007

Eppes brothers!

So, the 2nd Annual Numb3rs Awards have posted the winners....

...and once again, cliche and mediocrity rules in the world of fanfiction.

*sigh* I'm not saying this because I expected to win anything (if I thought any of my fics had a chance, it would have been the much-read, much-reviewed Superheroes). And I'm not surprised; Numb3rs fandom is young, full of young fans, young/new writers, and very much enjoying the more cliche forms of fan fiction.

Given some of the stuff I read when I was newly in The Sentinel fandom, I can't really judge that. :-)

There were some deserving awards given out, to be sure. Celadon's Collateral Damage won Best Drama. This was one of the gems I found while reading the nominations--a case story with h/c and a long recovery period which didn't bore me at all. And one heck of amazing "hero" moment for Don.

Despite the fact that I'm not a 3rdgal fan, she's definitely one of the most prolific authors the fandom has, and the Best Author wasn't misplaced for her in that sense.

I'll go back to lurking in my corner of the fandom now, and write somre more unpopular but well-crafted fic.