June 21st, 2007

dust in the wind

Goodness, it's been almost a week since I posted! O_o

And it's not like I've been insanely busy or anything. Work has been kind of boring, and finally things are starting to settle down some at the new house.

Actually, that's probably the issue: I finally have time to start playing catchup with my writing, and that *is* taking up a lot of my time. Right now, I've just finished a Numb3rs fic which randomly showed up in my brain (sort of AU, post-finale, h/c and angst), and am working well on my gen_remix story, which is happily due tomorrow rather than today as I first thought. I have a whole evening to work on it! Wish I'd been able to start it earlier, though, because it's a fun idea and I'm not sure I'm doing it justice.

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In other news, I'm fighting with myself trying to decide between two different ideas for a Supernatural spec. The first has to do with a potential interpretation of something in the show's mytharc, and as such may not be well suited for a spec (I imagine I'd be jossed before we're a third of the way into next season). But, but, but--it's a really cool idea, and if I were on the staff, I'd be pitching it to everybody until they agreed to let me write some variation of it.

Oh, yeah--Stargate SG-1 finally ends its ten-season run tomorrow night. I plan to watch the finale, but also either "Lost City" or "Moebius," to celebrate my lovely show. *hugs SG-1, all variations*