July 5th, 2007

Eppes brothers!

I do not intend to spoil anyone else, but....

...I have a co-worker who is an actor. He's auditioned for guest roles on Numb3rs from time to time, and he is almost as big a fan of the show (and of Peter MacNicol) as I am. So today, he came into my office and said, "Do you want to know some stuff about Numb3rs?"

I said yes, even though I figured there'd be spoilery content to whatever he'd heard, and followed him to his computer to see the casting sheet that has just been released for the season 4 opener.

The information contained in this casting call was, in fact, far more spoilery than I had expected it to be, so I am not going to share the particulars with you all. (To be frank, excited though I am right now, I'm also regretful that I found this stuff out ahead of time.)

I'm just going to sit here and implode from contained fannish excitement.

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ETA: I've been reminded that casting information doesn't necessarily have accurate information attached. That's one reason I didn't post the spoilers in detail, because any of it could change before the episode airs.