July 20th, 2007


This is not a Deathly Hallows predictions post

I finished re-reading Half-Blood Prince last night. I'm all ready for Deathly Hallows--getting quite excited, at this point, and yet a little apprehensive about the end of the series.

It's very odd to have been a part (albeit a small, mostly-lurking part) of a phenomenon like Harry Potter. A series of excellent, exciting fantasy books written by a smart, down-to-earth author that spoke to so many readers at once. Following the stories, and the Story, piece by piece, along with other fans. Discussing possibilities, yet still rejoicing in the source canon, even as it shoots down our wilder theories. Writing fan fiction, and loving the books so much that it's not too bad when our stories are rendered AU.

Sharing life, sharing community--sharing Hogwarts.

I'm not even a large part of HP fandom. I've written a grand total of two fics, essentially missing scenes, and have read much less HP fanfic (some of it, like fernwithy's and the Snape stories of rj_anderson, absolutely amazing) than fic in my other fandoms.

And yet I think I'm going to miss the waiting, the theorizing, the comradeship.

What a ride it's been!