July 23rd, 2007


Finis coronat opus

The end crowns the work.

The book isn't perfect; neither is the series. But J.K. Rowling has accomplished something spectacular with them--true modern myth, a gripping adventure tale, a wise coming-of-age story, and a spell-binding personal journey. She has managed something I can only dream of doing (and have, for years): She has told a tale full of imagination, every inch her own, every struggle born from her experience and life and light, and given that to us in images and actions that we can understand and take into ourselves.

I will dare one more prediction, now that the story has ended. The Harry Potter series is going to last a long time. Fifty years from now, children and teens (and adults) will be discovering it for the first time. Families will be reading it aloud together. It will stand next to the Chronicles of Narnia in the ranks of fantasy literature.

And it deserves to be there.

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