August 2nd, 2007

dean & sam

An opinion question and a brainstormy question for Supernatural fen on my f-list

Well, actually, only the first question is SPN-specific. Anyone can weigh in on the second one, if they have ideas or thoughts. In fact, please do! I need to jump-start my brain.

For the first question, we have a poll!

Poll #1032458 Dean and Sam and Harry Potter

Who is more likely to have read the Harry Potter books?

Dean--he read the first one and hated it
Sam--but he thinks it's kiddie fluff
Dean--has read them all on the sly and loves them
Sam--finds them interesting as literature
Both have avoided the series
Both have read the series, but neither one knows this
Other (I will explain in the comments)

And the brainstormy question is this:

What situations, incidents, or locations might cause or contribute to a mass haunting? (and by this I mean not just one or two different ghosts, but essentially a horde or like-acting group of vengeful spirits.)