October 16th, 2007

dean & sam

Quick TV notes

Wow, I'm as behind on blogging as I was on watching TV here at the start of the new season. These will mostly be very quick notes (with one or two exceptions).

I am two episodes behind on Heroes. Nobody spoil me.

House, M.D. continues to be an enjoyable, well-written show. It really didn't hurt that Carmen Argenziano (whom some of you probably know as Jacob Carter) had a guest-starring role the past 2 weeks. I wish he could stick around for a few more episodes. *resolves to watch some of this actor's other roles*

Chuck is the show I didn't hear much about, figured I would not like, and watched only because I like to give new pilots a try. It's a crazy blend of geek humor and spy action: Alias meets Beauty and the Geek. No, really. And I sort of love it. (The fact that it costars Adam Baldwin, aka Jayne, doesn't hurt.)

Supernatural gets more than just a few notes this week, for the episode Collapse )

I have just seen the end of Doctor Who series 3: "The Sound of Drums" (brilliant!) and "The Last of the Time Lords." I may post about them later--for now, just let me say that aside from a few really odd moments, I enjoyed them a lot. Not as much as "Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways," but I can't help how much I adore those, so that's bias. And now I really, really want to go back and watch the Master in his other incarnations. He's so evil! Really evil, not just faking it, or alien. He's a sadist and a power-hungry mad-man who knows it and doesn't care. *shudder*