November 29th, 2007

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Eric Kripke on Supernatural and the seeming absence of Good

Since I've introduced my good friend feliciakw to Supernatural, we've been periodically having long discussions about how the show treats the idea of evil (with demons being very real, and portrayed pretty much as they are in long-standing Christian tradition; hell being an actual destination; and a deal with the devil being an action rather than a metaphor) vs. how it treats the idea of good (broken humans traveling around, defeating the plans of evil; the Roman Catholic exorcism works on demons, as does holy water; we've never seen angels show up, but even skeptical, angry Dean admitted the...Providence, if I may so call it... of a certain villain's death).

So when I saw Eric Kripke himself answering a question about this at's Ask Ausiello column, I had to pass it on:

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