February 1st, 2008

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Bela and Ruby take the Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test

Okay, this is just for giggles and because I won't have time to post my list of thoughts about last night's new SPN episode until tonight or tomorrow.

I adore the Mary-Sue Litmus Test, and because people will go on and on about how new female characters are Mary Sues, I figured I'd try to run both Bela Talbot and Ruby through the test and see how they came out. (Actually, I wanted to see mostly whether Bela would score anywhere nearly as high as I figured Ruby would.)

I avoided answering "yes" to any of the self-insertion questions (for both characters), because I have no idea whether either of them have elements of that. And because they were created by a group of writers, not a single author. So my initial prediction was that both of them would score lower than they might if the actual creator were taking the test.

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