February 13th, 2008

larry/megan 24 hours

I'm trying to focus on un-stressful things!

Like the fact that I sat down and did both my tax returns last night! Yatta! *g*

And that I have plans to be out of the city this weekend at the Dead Poets' Retreat (a little artists' retreat some of my friends do every year down here), writing and chatting and hearing music and talking with God and so on.



I'm tickled to death that I've been nominated in Round Three of the Numb3rs Awards. Two of my fics, under the "het" division, no less: Day Has Gone Down, which is Larry/Megan, in the categories of Angst/Dark, Romance, and Episode-Related; and Alms for the Poor, which is technically Charlie/Amita, in the categories of Drama and Case-Related.

*checks gen division to see if any new noms are up there*


I'm also nominated in gen. Sua Sponte, in the AU/AR, Angst/Dark, and Hurt/Comfort categories.