March 7th, 2008

dean & sam

Random thoughts somewhat pertaining to Supernatural

First off: MWAHAHAAHAHAH. I have passed on my first season SPN DVDs to kalquessa for her edification and conversion. *g*

Apparently, she loves the show enough and has now seen enough to create one of her vaunted parody scripts: Generic Supernatural Episode

Also, after following the LJ-based supernatural investigation going on in amberdulen's journal the past week or so (plus the death of Dungeons and Dragons guru Gary Gyrax, and talking with my brother who used to GM our Rebellion-era Star Wars tabletop RPG), I've decided that if I ever did more RPGing, I'd love to do in the Superntural-verse. That would just be...awesome.

Not that I have time for RPGing, these days, but I'd love that. I even have a character I'd use (if feliciakw would let me turn Bets from OFC into RPG character).