March 17th, 2008


Crazy windy weather last night!

Mind you, it obviously doesn't compare to the storms and tornadoes that Georgia and the Carolinas have been dealing with this past weekend. (Darn it, I can't find a web page that'll give me the wind speed--I almost got up and turned on the Weather Channel at 5am to check.)


I'm usually a good sleeper. I may wake at a noise, but it never wakes me all the way up, and a storm has to be pretty bad before it'll disturb my sleep at all.

From 2 am to about 5:30am last night, wind was screaming past our house. Every few minutes it would crescendo, and wake me up from whatever doze I'd managed to fall into. Finally I got up and watched the storm for a while. I even thought about getting online and posting, and pretending that my day had started already. But the wind was lessening by then, so I went back to bed instead--and as I figured I might, slept through my alarm and was late to work. I'm not even sure how to calculate how little sleep I got last night.

Fortunately I'm not exhausted (yet).

But that was weird.

Yeesh, people.

Okay. I've got to learn to quit getting upset-by-proxy whenever fandom pitches a fit about something SUP/LiveJournal did or didn't do. Honestly.

I mean, I'm still a little worried that some of my friends are going to depart LJ in the wake of the decision to eliminate Basic Accounts (in favor of Plus or Paid only). But at least SUP/LJ seems to have seen the light in terms of censoring items from some list of "Popular Interests," and have put the censored items back on.

I hereby decide not to freak out over people freaking out over LJ. *firm nod*

I'm staying here unless something far more drastic than this happens.

Just sayin'.