March 18th, 2008

Don smile

Why am I doing a meme when I have other stuff to post? *g*

Stolen from kerravonsen, kalquessa, and others:

Fannish friends! Languishing in your archive are posts of great justice and loveliness - meta, fic, icons, random babblings that you suspect may have been written by the LJ fairy while you were sleeping. Some of your current flist may never have seen them. Some might be horribly embarrassing to you now. But don't be shy. Share 5 posts (or whatever random number you fancy) from the back catalogue of your LJ.

Must We Explain the Supernatural?
Aka, a CSI and (newbie) SG-1 fan discusses the shows' approaches to spirituality. The comments are probably more enlightening than the actual post. *g*

A fine palette for people...
I review the film "Sideways," and include a poem of my own that strikes the same theme as the movie.

A Journey in the Dark
One of my metaphors for life, written out at length.

Mini-essay/rant of the relationship of canon to fic
Just what it says. I venture to express opinions about fic in my fandoms--and people come to respond. Some good stuff in the comments.

Musings on Sin and Holiness
Because I think a lot of people, a lot of my fellow Christians, really get this wrong. And I wanted to try and articulate why.