March 22nd, 2008

with book as with child

A link and an update

First off, for people on my flist who aren't on the real_numb3rs community: a brand-new Numb3rs promo, a take-off on the Mac/PC ads. Adorable. I can't wait for a new ep. April 4th!

I was just looking through my "writing" and "my fics" tags, and realized that I haven't posted a writing update in....several weeks, which might be some kind of record for me. At least in the fall I would post somewhat regularly to bemoan the lack of progress I was making.

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I've been so massively busy that everything else has been put on indefinite hold. This is a sad thing, but there's only so much time in my day.

Happy Easter to those who are ahead of me in Time! Christ is risen!